About Us


Our company was created in Italy in 1920, since then it has been always managed by Coppola Family.

We has assumed an international importance in recent years in the field of funeral services of any culture, religion or country of destination.

Today after years of experience we are in UAE with its headquarter in Dubai.
The long expansion of our business, gives you any type of services required in any part of the globe.

Currently we can say with certainty, that our “Group” is one of the largest Group of funeral services.

We are on your side at any time of day and night, to guarantee, Professionalism, Service, Courtesy, and Respect, the fact that requires.
We understand that our clients come to us at a time of distress.

To ease somehow your troubles, we offer knowledgeable, professional and prompt services through experienced professionals who can guide your every step of the way.

When tragedy strikes in a land far from home, your grief is compounded by the worries of paperwork and the nitty-gritty details of planning a funeral in an alien land.
Taking over all your concerns, we assist with repatriation of human remains to global locations and facilitate all official processes that registering a death entails.

We are specialized in supply of the special products necessary for the funeral related occasions. Our products range from premium coffins to cost effective coffins and a wide variety of other products like: Funeral Bouquets, Wreaths etc.

We ensure that care of your beloved person’s body and all aspects of a funeral process are handled with respect and the utmost care.

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